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2023 Capital Campaign

The Larimer Education and Squash Complex


Steel City Squash began the campaign for a new home in 2020. Under the strong leadership of Board Chair David Hillman, the greater Pittsburgh community—including foundations, individuals, and government entities — has been enormously supportive, resulting in pledges and donations to date of $9.3 million towards the overall goal of $10 million.

We are now bringing the campaign to the public, encouraging wide-spread participation and contributions. We are looking to generous individuals like you to join us with your commitment to build this foundational and on-going investment in our community’s children.

Every Donation Helps

Steel City Squash is an academic and athletic program that provides life-changing opportunities to Pittsburgh youth who desire and deserve more through education, mentoring, community service, travel, and the sport of squash. The program inspires students to prepare for and graduate from college. And the new Larimer Education and Squash Complex will provide a permanent community space centered around our vision. Every donation, in every amount, will help make this vision a reality. Please join us with your contribution, today.


Steel City Squash envisioned its new home to be designed and built as a local and national destination facility that will create multiple revenue streams to support its program, facilitate multicultural engagement, and contribute to long-term sustainability.

The Complex will contain classrooms, squash courts, and a college/career center. It will also contain a 500-1000 sq/ ft. fitness space with men’s and women’s locker rooms with day-lockers and showers. It will serve as the permanent home of Steel City Squash, the home courts of Chatham University’s women’s and men’s varsity squash teams, and allow for facility memberships to the local community and beyond.

With your help we can make this hope a reality.
Thank you!

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