The Larimer Consensus Group is a collaboration of Larimer residents, community organizations, leaders, and other stakeholders whose interests include, but are not limited to: economic growth, sustainable development, greening, affordable housing, and community empowerment.Our mission is to empower the Larimer neighborhood to move into sustainable community and economic development via strong communication networks, partnerships, and an open participatory process.



Provide opportunities for quality housing, promote self-sufficiency of the residents, to improve recreational and human service opportunities, maximize employment and training opportunities and, develop programming specific to the needs of the Larimer community in adherence to the Larimer Vision to action plan.



There is an inherent need to make sure that the neighborhood is in a position to take advantage of the resources (i.e., services, proposals) that are being offered, and that a vehicle exists through which the community can best understand and articulate their needs related to these resources. The LCG continues to engage the residents around the Vision plan (not just the Choice Neighborhood Implementation grant) as well as identifies gaps in service delivery that limits the quality of life. LCG works to fills these gaps through program development or existing programmatic resources available. The LCG’s goal is to create multi-generational equity wealth among existing low and moderate income homeowners in Larimer by making their current homes safe and more valuable. A collateral outcome will be to re-energize the neighborhood housing market for new buyers, leading over time to its repopulation by working families with a diversity of incomes.


June 30, 2014 it was announced that Larimer is the recipient of one of four $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The announcement was made at the Kingsley Association with Larimer Consensus Group members, local politicians and other partners in attendance to receive the good news. The grant will help construct housing that helps advance the Larimer Vision Plan, the neighborhood’s plan for a green sustainable future. Read more about the Larimer Vision Plan here. Sign up for the Larimer Consensus Group newsletter and come to monthly neighborhood meetings to stay informed about activities in Larimer.

The LCG’s goal is to create multi-generational equity wealth.

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