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The mission of the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG) is to network and form partnerships to cre­ate and implement a planned sustainable Larimer Community that focuses on affordable hous­ing, economical development, environmental, social and public safety issues.



Provide opportunities for quality housing, promote self-sufficiency of the residents, to improve recreational and human service opportunities, maximize employment and training opportunities and, develop programming specific to the needs of the Larimer community in adherence to the Larimer Vision to action plan.



The Larimer Consensus Group is charged with being the steward of the Larimer Community and its Community Plan.

While focusing on its mission, there are a number of other elements that are also imperative. The LCG is expected to be the vehicle that "Leads by Example," incorporating moral judgement and accountability as a major part of the equation.

Our directive also includes being responsible for writing and implementing policy that moves us towards improving the quality of life of Larimer residents and fulfilling community goals. In­cluded within this obligation is identifying resources that look toward the future and embrace generational wealth, home equity, improvement of current housing stock, building new, both af­fordable and market rate housing, and envisioning a new commercial corridor.

Our Mission
The LCG’s goal is to create multi-generational equity wealth.

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