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412 Food Rescue


The Larimer Consensus Group provides fresh food to the community through Giant Eagle Curbside Express each week and 412 Food Rescue. The food received from 412 Food Rescue is free to the community each week. Residents can place online orders with Giant Eagle and have their groceries delivered to the LCG each week.


We work with food retailers to prevent surplus food from going to waste.

Transported by a growing network of volunteers, 412 Food Rescue directly transfers food to nonprofit partners that serve those who are food insecure.

Download the 412
Rescue App

The 412 Food Rescue app is available for iOS or Android. Register to become a Food Rescue Hero today! You’ll receive notifications when new rescues are available and our tech will guide you every step of the way. Join the movement of thousands who believe good food belongs to people, not landfills.


How it works:

We partner with food retailers, volunteer drivers, and nonprofit organizations to connect surplus food with individuals and families who are experiencing food insecurity. Our intuitive app guides thousands of volunteers who we call Food Rescue Heroes, to rescue perfectly good but unsellable food that would otherwise be wasted and redirect it to people who need it.

Our food donor partners range from grocery stores, wholesalers, caterers, and everything in between. Our nonprofit partners include housing authorities, daycare centers, churches, community centers, and more.

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