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LCG Recognizing Young Entrepreneurs: Savannah Marie Taylor

LCG is thrilled to spotlight Savannah Marie Taylor, a remarkable 10-year-old entrepreneur who began her business journey three years ago. Savannah's creativity shines through her unique and stylish products, including blinged out phone cases, customized Crocs, beaded bracelets, and handmade earrings. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit exemplify the incredible potential of young innovators. We are proud to recognize Savannah for her achievements and look forward to her continued success.


LCG Recognizes Young Entrepreneurs

Here at LCG we celebrate the innovation and drive of young local entrepreneurs like Tyeler "Tye" Washington. As the owner of Infinity Trendz, a burgeoning clothing brand, Tye exemplifies the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship. At LCG, we recognize and support individuals like Tye who are shaping their communities through their vision and dedication. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our local entrepreneurs as they inspire and uplift us all.


"Made in Heaven"

Made in Heaven T-Shirts and Hoodies by Infinity Trendz

"Pittsburgh and Beverly Hills Share the Same Fashion"

                           @_infinitytrendz (Instagram)


"I Need more Space"

Exlcusive "I Need more Space" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Infinity Trendz 

Infinity Trendz Pop Up Shop

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