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Join LCG in Building a Sustainable Community through Partnerships, Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Environmental Responsibility, Social Well-being, and Public Safety.

Larimer Vision Plan

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The Larimer Land Use Vision Plan is the result of extensive community engagement and collaboration, particularly led by the East Liberty Concerned Citizens Corporation under Ms. Ora Lee Carroll's leadership. The 2020 update was developed closely with Donna Jackson and DeAnna Davis of the LCG, with contributions from various stakeholders including the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Habitat for Humanity, and Walnut Capital. The Larimer Consensus Group, convened by State Senator Jim Ferlo, represents diverse stakeholders committed to the neighborhood's revitalization, building on the longstanding efforts of organizations like ELCCC and the citizens of Larimer over the past 47 years.

Click PDF to read the full vision plan

Larimer Community Plan

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Click the PDF file to view the entire plan.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Learning Cohort

Homeownership Program for First-Time homebuyers in the City of Pittsburgh

The URA, the Housing Authority of Pittsburgh, and their banking partners—First Commonwealth Bank, Slovak Savings Bank, and Dollar Bank—have rolled out program guidelines and applications for the first-time homebuyer program. The application process begins with the banks, and they will refer your application to the URA. Qualified first-time homebuyers can receive up to a $50,000 grant and a $40,000 loan. This is for Pittsburgh residents at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI). For example, for a household size of 4-maximum income is $75,850 to qualify.

For more information, including program guidelines, applications, and contact information, go to

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3/2/2024 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
25 Carrick Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15210
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You absolutely want to follow the LCG at
As we develop a city-approved community plan which will guide all future development in Larimer. Be part of the process that moves Larimer forward! Stay tuned for future meetings and communication over the coming weeks about this exciting process.
Larimer Consensus Group

200 Larimer Ave

Pittsburgh PA, 15206


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